Goals and Policies

The purpose of the company's formation is to "securely and permanently distribute electricity" and "supply and delivery of power" with an economic approach in accordance with the relevant laws, terms and regulations.

In order to achieve the purpose of the company within the framework of relevant laws and regulations, the policies, programs and standards of the Ministry of Energy (including standards for monitoring the quality of electricity, reliability and losses of distribution networks, and regulations to ensure payment of electricity) and observing the commercial and economic principles, the company is authorized to carry out operations and transactions that are necessary or appropriate for the company's purposes, including the following measures:

1- Creation, development, optimization and purchase of network and distribution facilities in the area of company activity and, if necessary, obtaining necessary licenses in other regions.

2- Implementing nonprofit projects from the public sources in accordance with the laws and regulations related to such schemes.

3- Utilization, repair and maintenance of networks and power distribution companies belonging to the company.

4. Cooperation with regional power companies in optimal placement of sub-distribution posts.

5- Steering and monitoring of electricity distribution network.

6. Provision of services required for the access of other suppliers to distribution networks for the purchase, sale and transmission (transit) of electricity, with getting the right to transfer (transit right)

7- Buying, selling (including various pre-purchase and pre-sales methods) and transferring electricity.

Note 1: The Company can be engaged in the construction and operation of power generators connected to medium voltage and low voltage networks.

9. Provideing services to subscribers and provide the necessary facilities for accepting new requests and assigning subscriptions or changing the capacity of subscriptions in the scope of the company's activities.

10. Manage the load, consumption and demand of electricity (demand side management) for optimum power consumption.

11. Utilize, repair and maintain the facilities and equipment belonging to others, after obtaining the necessary permits.

12. Supporting applied research and conducting research activities related to distribution through specialized and competent authorities.

13. Supporting the development of consulting and contracting capacities and new technologies to reduce costs and increase productivity and improve customer service levels.

14. Electricity sales to electricity companies to be delivered to consumers.

15. Outsourcing of studies and competitive operations (including exploitation, maintenance, development and optimization of networks and facilities, and provision of subscriber services).

Note 2: The Company, keeping with its obligations and imposing adequate oversight, is authorized to assign the activities of development, optimization and utilization of the network and distribution facilities and the provision of subscriber services in an integrated geographical area for a specified period of time to qualified companies. .

16. Provide services to the Ministry of Energy in the implementation of Article 4 of the Law on Electricity of Iran or other laws and regulations.

17. Carry out other activities that Tavanir undertakes to accomplish its goals in the distribution area.

18. Providing the possibility of using the company's assets to provide infrastructure services by other persons in exchange of receiving its equivalent in accordance with the guidelines approved by the General Assembly and in a way that does not endanger the company's core services.

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